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Discover the joy in connection today.

Welcome! Joyful Discovery Counseling is a psychotherapy practice in New Jersey, Massachusetts (virtual), and Florida (virtual) that provides couples and individual therapy for issues surrounding connection, intimacy, and sex. 

Meet the Therapist

Matthew Sidler, LCSW, LICSW

Hi there! My name is Matthew Sidler and I am a sex and relationship therapist in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida. Despite being hardwired for connection, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and other everyday obstacles tend to get in the way. Struggles related to sexual desire, performance, or physical functioning are so often burdened by shame or embarrassment. As a sex and relationship therapist, I work with clients to develop greater comfort around these topics. 


While my practice is inclusive of all types of couples and individuals, I am extremely passionate about serving clients in the LGBTQIA+ community. I take great pride in providing services to folks in the community.  

Practice Areas

Couples Therapy

Connection is what we are wired for...but what if you are struggling to connect? Or what if you are struggling to connect in a way that feels loving and supportive? While sex can be very connecting, it is not synonymous with intimacy as is so often implied. My primary focus is helping couples of all kinds, with a focus on LGBTQIA+ couples, navigate their relationships to find clarity and improve both intimacy and sexual fulfillment. 

Sex Therapy

Are you struggling sexually? Either within yourself or with your partner(s)? Sexual desire and functioning are impacted by a multitude of factors. Many of those factors are not physical. We happen to live in a society that both stigmatizes sex and greatly sexualizes people and situations. I work with clients to lessen any shame or other barriers standing in the way of sexual freedom and fulfillment. 


Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed and aren't sure what to do? We live in a world where stress is all around us and often times these stressors are outside of our control. I work with clients to identify helpful ways to cope with anxiety and to face any fears or triggers they may have that are holding them back from living the life they want to live. 


Are you feeling low, depressed, or nothing at all? Do you feel stuck and don't know how to find the motivation to get unstuck? First of all, know that it's okay to not be okay. I help clients discover the joy in life without minimizing or invalidating the very real struggles they are experiencing. Oftentimes, we feel guilty and beat ourselves up for feeling "bad," and then end up feeling even worse.  


Do you have questions or challenges around your sexual orientation or gender identity? Maybe you're just looking for a therapist who will be affirming and provide a safe space to be as authentically you as you want to be. In addition to therapeutic services, I also support clients in their quest to seek gender-affirming medical procedures. 


Is shame making you feel like you need to be perfect? Are you struggling to love who you are? I often tell clients, "If you feel bad, you do bad." If you're not feeling "good enough" or you want to feel more secure in who you are, we will challenge those internal beliefs that have been holding you back. Start breaking free from the voices of self-doubt and discover the absolute joy in being you. 

Practice Areas
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